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So, OMG stands for “oh my fucking gawd this is so good.”
And HRD stands for…(“I guess I don’t really care what it stands for the food is so good.”)

Love the Asian influence on everything. Even the cheeseteak roll tastes better here. Overly ethnocentric of me? Nope.

It’s like bi-racial kids with an Asian parent are always better looking – best of both worlds I guess.
The food here is that Hapa kid.

My stomach benefited more from this cheesesteak than Marc’s. So technically, this is MY sandwich if I consumed 51%?

Marc took me on a little tour of his new offices around the corner. Lucky guy to work so close to HRD.

Kimchi Fried Rice topped with a runny Egg:

Cuz one pic isn’t enough…here’s two:

Yes, that is a thin slice of pork belly lurking on the right.

Be back tomorrow for the Fried Oyster Kimchi Rice Burrito…was suppose to order that today but just as the words were about to leave my mouth, dude with a plate of kimchi fried rice walked past me.

I’ll bring the Wonton and he and I can share the burrito around the corner in South Park.

Soooo….anytime I hear an Asian speak Spanish I feel like they’re family. So I asked the guy if they all spoke Spanish. He’s like “That guy over there does, he’s fluent, but I only speak Kitchen Spanish. Like papitas.” He he. So funny.

I feel like the kids in this picture after that meal: fat, happy, and stuffed.
That could be me on the right – reaching out for seconds.

521 #A 3rd St.

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March 3, 2012 at 5:23 AM


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Meeting new people is awesome when the temptation of Bar Agricole dangles with the invitation.

This is one of the few places that places as much emphasis on it’s non-alcoholic drinks as it does the rest of the bar program. I imagine the barman would be abhorred if anyone called it a “mocktail” or “virgin” because it implies stripping the alcohol from a drink, and that is so not the case here. There IS NO red-headed stepchild on their drink menu (alcoholic or non). Ha.

Banking on what easily will be a long night, I started light, but at least my Asian flush will be in check for at least another hour or so. Despite the nice lighting, who wants to see red-face show up so soon? Not my new friends.

The charming outdoor patio is as delightful as my new friends. I bet it’s just as magnificent during brunch.

And the squid – OMG – I want to tell everyone how good it is.  Hopefully it’ll be on the menu for a while as I have every intent to come back for it, especially since it wasn’t mine and one bite is like drugs. The fish I had under a mound of delicious Haricot Verts was amazing. But Squid, I have my eyes on you.

From the texture of dark denim napkins to the design of the dining room overseen by an ethereal glass chandelier, no detail is overlooked. Hence, a fitted leather bomber jacket and pyramid studs seem to fit the bill.

Click here for some professionally shot photos (unlike mine) of the beautiful aesthetics at Bar Agricole.

355 11th St
(415) 355-9400
I like a place where the bar hours are : 6 – 11pm thurs – sat, bar open until empty.

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February 7, 2012 at 11:34 AM


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Marc says I’ve been cooking like a rock-star recently, and given all my hard work, I should take a little break from the kitchen. I can’t tell if he’s being sincere, but with dinner at Zuppa waiting for me, I’ll grill him later!

Next time I crave a piping hot pasta smothered (smothered!) in a meaty red sauce……….I’ll be here.

Next time I want a happy hour with a solid food menu (and dolla dolla oysters)………I’ll be here.

Next time I want pizza (because the guy at the next table wouldn’t shut up about his)…………I’ll come here.

Next time I want the most amazing foccacia………….I won’t come here, lest my dining partners-in-crime have to fight me for bread. It could be a friendship breaker, hence we wouldn’t be breaking bread. Ha ha ha. Are you laughing?

Everything here is excellent….

….including their roast chicken, which I spied on my way out the door – next time!

The concrete, wood, and steel in this food haven make it an awesome place to hang out. I imagined the servers dressed in demin. They weren’t, but I was.

Denim on demin: faux pas or rock-star move? Probably neither.

Independent of an amazing dinner here, Chef Joseph Manzare is also one of the coolest chefs I know – so hospitable and super nice, always ready with a quick smile.

Supah Zuppa! (Doh. I know that was bad, but I couldn’t resist.)

564 4th Street  @ King
(415) 777-5900


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Apparently, priority over taking a bite of this canele took precedent over taking a photo.

Being that I’m a big (fat) fan of caneles, it’s great that I live so close to Patisserie Philippe. Coincidentally, I happen to be wearing these canele-shaped hoops, which I now fondly associate with my beloved pastry with a soft custard center and a thick caramelized crust.

P.S. Supposedly, the best caneles are at Balthazar’s in NY, but I WOULDN’T KNOW. They are always sold out every. single. time. I stop in. Grrrr…but I got a good tip from the baker when he saw me pout sad…he said call ahead and they’ll save you one, or two.  In SF, I also like them from La Boulange, and saw them recently at Four Barrels (next time!) Would love to know where else to get them….

P.S.S. Just found this nicely done video of an awesome looking one from Boulette’s Larder and oy vey – I’ve been mis-pronouncing it all this time! Cane-LAY!


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While my sister and I email, instant message, voice-box chat, and text everyday, I haven’t seen or spoken to her for longer than 15 minutes in a while. So it was really nice to put the thumbnail photo to the person, hang out, and take the Wonton to one of our favorite coffee places – Philz!

Not only is the Turkish coffee absolutely amazing, but the people here are just so damn nice. They make your coffee to your liking and ask that you taste-test a sip and smile with approval before they call your order done.

This outpost is in the SOMA, land of the many condos (…and houseboats.)

BTW, this is Chanel’s new Graphite nail color, and with so many amazing colors this season it was hard to decide, but the sparkle in this one winked at me.  I like that it’s elegant glam sparkle, not club sparkle (since I aged out of that check box already.)

Alternatively, making a decision at Philz is as easy as ordering up an Iced Coffee Mint Mojito.

Muddled mint and sugar, followed by Turkish coffee and cream over ice is perfect for a stroll behind AT&T park in the warm weather. And, damn this coffee was good! I had to stop, savor and take it all in. Sigh.

We were enjoying our coffee so much, we didn’t realize that Wonton had been chasing a couple in front thinking they were us. Silly dog.

Written by kc ley

September 3, 2011 at 8:41 AM