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Everyone should have their own happy face cake.

I’d like to thank my mom and my dad for my orthodontist and straight teeth.

Chinese-style cakes are awesome! I grew up eating (and making them) so I didn’t really eat much else, cake-wise. Then I discovered butter-cream frosting, and became a fat kid.  Now I’m back to loving this style of cake, which is so much lighter and not so sweet as it’s made with sponge cake, fresh fruit in the middle, and whipped cream. It’s like strawberry shortcake but with sponge cake. If you haven’t tried this style, check it out at an Asian bakery out in the Sunset or Richmond (like Victor’s Bakery on 18th & Taraval). They usually sell it by the slice. Maybe they’ll draw you a happy face, too!

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July 16, 2011 at 12:26 PM


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wow! this Hong Kong milk tea is so good! i’d forgotten about it but was reacquainted today. la-de-da! i always make a stop for this cup of goodness when parking at Portsmouth Square, where i pick it up at the Hong Kong style cafe next to the alley above the parking garage. today, i asked for it iced, and it was great!

most people are familiar with Thai iced tea or Vietnamese drip coffee, but are unaware that this drink exists. in Chinese communities, it’s as ubiquitous as lattes. i typically drink it hot, but iced is equally nice. made with black tea that’s brewed nice and thick, it’s combined with sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk.


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July 3, 2011 at 2:02 PM


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so marc, sherman and i all found ourselves free for lunch on a friday afternoon (yay!) so where to? we considered Brenda’s French Soul Food but i convinced them to check out The Potsticker instead (conveniently, afterwards i happened to need to do a grocery run in Chinatown.) i don’t think they realized they’ve been tricked. ha.

i don’t recall how this place came onto my radar originally, but i found an old stickie (pot-stickie. ha) note with “must try” scrawled on it. so must try we did. of course we ordered the namesake potstickers, which were decent. the tourists around us seem to be enjoying them more, though.

the pancake with beef had so much potential! it was almost there. i love the idea of a green onion pancake wrapped around thin slices of beef, slivers of cucumber, smothered with peanut sauce and dotted with toasted peanuts. it could have been delish, but it was a little dry and the beef was overcooked. nonetheless, it’s worth a second try.

ok. this fish looked nothing like it’s menu counterpart. we were sadly disappointed when the basket it came in was set in front of us, but we quickly changed our minds when we tasted it – so sweet and tender and just a hint of spice. the fish eyeballs were all mine (insert evil laugh. ha ha ha.) really guys, the cheeks and the eyeballs are the best parts.

since it’s also a szechuan style restaurant (northern china) the menu was hot! no kidding, our menu read something like this: “hot and numbing spice pot” or “filet of sole boiled in numbing spicy sauce” or “fish filet in flaming chili oil” or “lamb chop with explosive chili pepper”.  hmmm…explosive or numbing…decisions, decisions.

and for effect, the color of the menu was red, and every dish in the pictures looked to be blanketed with chili peppers. ay-yah!

chinatown kids. i’m loving that more and more street art is popping up in the neighborhood.

red signifies good luck in chinese culture, so i put this little string bracelet on for today….along with some 24k bracelets i was given. if you don’t know this little tidbit, old skool chinese folk (and me!) like their 24k gold. notice the difference in gold color between 24k and the gold plated one on the left?

the single thin chain on the right belonged to my mom when she was about my age now. growing up not-so-middle-class when we were living in mexico, it was the only jewelry she owned, so this one means a lot to me.

update: my mom saw the 24k mess happening on my wrist and asked “claudia, why so old fashioned?”

THE POTSTICKER (chinatown)
150 Waverly Place X Washington St.
San Francisco, CA 94108

Written by kc ley

July 3, 2011 at 2:00 PM