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A quiet moment in the small town of Narita, enjoying a simple breakfast before the world wakes up. The air is so crisp here, and the autumnal colors blow my mind.

We were two yens short of unagi joy, and nary an ATM around. It was a sad moment, so we just took it all in with our eyes. Sad, indeed.

These guys drew a crowd. It was a smart move situating the adept fishmongers in front of the restaurant; to see the chef grill; and then to be able to walk in, sit and eat (if you had enough yens, of course.) The growing crowd was great advertisement for the restaurant. We were enthralled by the deft showmanship of quick knife-work, and mesmerized by the perpetual fluid motion of spear into eel head.

The well kept streets of Narita are lined with unagi restaurants that tempted us with every step.

A quiet stroll through tweezer-manicured gardens witnessed a peppering of elderly citizens with foot-long telephoto lenses capturing the moment of falling leaves. It felt as if we were the lucky chosen – granted with the privilege of walking into a serene and majestic painting.

Our hands are resting on a wood beam supporting an arch outside Naritasan Temple. This beam surprised me. Strong to support through the ages, but also smooth having lived through the ages.

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