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Apparently, priority over taking a bite of this canele took precedent over taking a photo.

Being that I’m a big (fat) fan of caneles, it’s great that I live so close to Patisserie Philippe. Coincidentally, I happen to be wearing these canele-shaped hoops, which I now fondly associate with my beloved pastry with a soft custard center and a thick caramelized crust.

P.S. Supposedly, the best caneles are at Balthazar’s in NY, but I WOULDN’T KNOW. They are always sold out every. single. time. I stop in. Grrrr…but I got a good tip from the baker when he saw me pout sad…he said call ahead and they’ll save you one, or two.  In SF, I also like them from La Boulange, and saw them recently at Four Barrels (next time!) Would love to know where else to get them….

P.S.S. Just found this nicely done video of an awesome looking one from Boulette’s Larder and oy vey – I’ve been mis-pronouncing it all this time! Cane-LAY!


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Everyone should have their own happy face cake.

I’d like to thank my mom and my dad for my orthodontist and straight teeth.

Chinese-style cakes are awesome! I grew up eating (and making them) so I didn’t really eat much else, cake-wise. Then I discovered butter-cream frosting, and became a fat kid.  Now I’m back to loving this style of cake, which is so much lighter and not so sweet as it’s made with sponge cake, fresh fruit in the middle, and whipped cream. It’s like strawberry shortcake but with sponge cake. If you haven’t tried this style, check it out at an Asian bakery out in the Sunset or Richmond (like Victor’s Bakery on 18th & Taraval). They usually sell it by the slice. Maybe they’ll draw you a happy face, too!

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July 16, 2011 at 12:26 PM


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I wish my bike had a cup holder.

It was a nice day riding down the 22nd St. corridor to the Mission — so much to see and everyone seemed to be smiling. It felt a little like those Mr. Neighborhood shows with the music la de da in the background as you wave to everyone walking down the street.

Afterwards I stopped in for Agua Fresca made with Tamarindo, which is a sweet, sour and tart fruit. This is the best drink to cool down with. You can pretty much get one at any taqueria, like say Pancho Villa on 16th between Mission and Valencia. They have a rainbow of flavors from Cantaloupe, to Horchata, and my favorite, Tamarind(o). My parents use to sell these at their restaurant in Mexico City, and so I’ve always had an affinity towards them. Not to mention, they also taste so good! Made of water, sugar and fruit blended together, these are so awesome. My second favorite flavor is Watermelon (just because I know you’re thirsting to know that.)

San Francisco is beautiful.


I love these Tretorn sneakers so much. With a purple/grey shade, this pair is made of nylon material with a hint of shine. I wish they would last forever.

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July 8, 2011 at 10:24 PM


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this is the coconut blueberry ice cream from Smitten, housed in the proxy project in hayes valley.  it’s tasty and dotted with big juicy blueberries. it takes time to custom make each order with the nitrogen tank, so don’t plan on synchronized eating with your friends. the location is pretty sweet, right next to a park. it’s not cheap, but i feel it’s important to support innovation and the vanguard. in this case, it’s a double whammy to house this unique “cool” concept in a semi-permanent container that stemmed from the idea of turning an unused space into something that’s great for the neighborhood.

Ritual Coffee is currently on the other side of Smitten….but before you make your coffee choice, know that the original Blue Bottle kiosk is just a few blocks away!

ice cream. dress. ice cream. dress.

for some great photos, check out the write up by one of my favorite websites, The Bold Italic.

speaking of favorites….if you care you see one of my favorite people, chef Janine Falvo, make a stout ice cream using a seriously big nitrogen tank, click here. she’s awesome!

SMITTEN (hayes valley)
432 Octavia St. @ Linden St.

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July 3, 2011 at 12:22 PM


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it’s such a beautiful friday in SF…really needed to take advantage of it, so the mr. & mrs (plus wonton) headed for some ice cream at Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous in the Dogpatch. the guys there are awesome. so sweet. (ha. pun.)

this is the crema catalana topped with a lemony syrup. marc got a jasmine green tea.

a nice 70 degrees in the city.



sweet day for polka dots…

p.s. the marshmallow covered with toasted coconut is pretty awesome.



699 22nd Street, at 3rd Street

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June 18, 2011 at 5:40 AM