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Super excited to wake up this morning. Threw on a Canadian Tuxedo, kissed my sleeping man and Wonton good-bye, and prayed for sunny weather as I drove across the Bay Bridge. My dear friend Nancy, fried chicken and a stroll through Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood awaited me. Ah…friendship and fried chicken and waffles for brunch! Stoked!

Nancy’s vintage beauty:

My vintage beauty:

Nancy’s buttery egg tart:

My OMG waffles and fried chicken:

Distracted by the puffy beignets topped with homemade jam, I missed out on the grits…so next time!

Hmmm…amazing. Best, most tender and juicy chicken ever. And those waffles! Those waffles! Like…they’re like….made of air and wrapped in a buttery crust!

The icing on top brown sugar butter on top was running into Rikki, who ran the dining room. Every restaurant wishes they had someone in their orbit like her, because she exudes warmth and radiance like the sun. She’s quick with a smile and able to navigate massive hordes of hungry people with the charm and grace of the people’s queen. True hospitality! Yeah!

2534 Mandela Parkway Oakland, CA
510-839-SOUL (7685)


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Rainy days make me long for all-day breakfast menus. Tucked away inside the St. Francis Diner, I tucked away some pretty amazing potatoes hot from the griddle. Evesdropping on interesting people with some not so interesting conversations, while contemplating the old-skool candies and staring out the Halloween-decked windows onto a very wet 24th street kill some of the wait time.

The pic on the right illustrates a well-honed furtive move of mine. One that is both un-solicited and un-wanted, but one that yields a forkful of tasty results.

As a kid, friends(?) nicknamed me Claudiahopper (clodhopper)  defined as  1) a large, heavy shoe, and 2) informal a foolish, awkward, or clumsy person – both of which I epitomized while trekking around in these awesome shearling lined Tretorn rain boots for some bodega shopping post-lunch.

2801 24th Street


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I think Tupac actually meant to say Caa-la-fi-aaa Lov-uh-ve.

Since he didn’t say it, I’ll say – I love this place.   Maybe it’s because it was brunch before a football game and hanging out with new friends. Or maybe it was being greeted by the awesome-looking hostess with lucite frames and cropped white hair. Or it could have been our server who radiated hospitality. (I swear on my food, he radiated.) Or maybe, just maybe…it’s because the simple scramble tasted like a million bucks.

The food was so jammed with flavor.  Jammed!

Now you see me…

Now you don’t…

I don’t actually remember If I licked the plate. Maybe I did, maybe I di-hint.

Calafia Cafe & Market A Go-Go
“Slow food served fast.”

855 El Camino Real # 130
Palo Alto, CA 94301


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It’s a good day when it starts with an invitation to brunch. Having just watched the last episodes of Treme the night before and hoping to take advantage of a shorter mid-week line, we said hello to Brenda’s.

Here is my view from where I sat for twenty-minutes.

Still waiting… here is a shot of the beautiful decor.  (It’s worth the wait, though.)

It’s a thoughtfully designed restaurant (in my humble two cents in case anyone cares to know). In this small space, the chalkboard doubles as a closet, and I’m impressed with restaurants that are considerate of the complete diner experience right down to having one restroom for the ladies and a unisex one. (Sorry guys, but not really.)

What better segway to food, than by talking about restrooms? (Classy, eh?)

Following my Gumbo, toast with strawberry preserves, and several bites of an Omelet that didn’t belong to me (followed by a dirty look from the owner of said Omelet)….the Fried Chicken arrived. All is now well with the world. I love a place where you can order it by the piece, and the kitchen was thoughtful enough to include a little wetnap.

Speaking of loves….I love a place that serves (chicory) coffee the size of your head. (As in a large bottomless cup, not as in my head is small.)

The woman in blue must have ordered the Fried Chicken, too!

They were nice enough to let me try their Pickled Watermelon (rinds.)

Oh…and the amazing Bold Italic did a great feature on Brenda’s with beautiful photos and actual content written in complete sentences, and other stuff that you (or maybe I) wish was in this post. So click over and read all about it. It’s a great read and an even better looker.

652 Polk St
415. 345.8100


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i love peas and fava beans on spring menus. they make me really happy. (kind of like this little guy.)
this tagliatelle pasta with green garlic, spring onions, fava beans, and arugula pesto was good, but a little dry for my tastes, so i’ll probably order their ama-ha-zing ricotta pancakes (again) next time.

nonetheless, i love this place with the big windows and super cute team.  it makes me feel like i’m eating in a cottage kitchen or some fantasy like that. i ran into chef david bazirgan (from fifth floor) and his bea-u-tiful wife michelle having a meal. (she looks amazing even in sweats.)

now…my sweats…on the other hand…oy vey…
i should really give this alternative apparel sweatshirt a break. everyone on the west AND east coast has seen me in this (at least twice!) but it’s just so awesome and cozy, the perfect complement to a kitchen cottage dining fantasy.    I jazzed it up with a vintage necklace from etsy.

comfort food and clothes, i guess that makes it comfort all the way….

PLOW (Potrero Hill)
1299 18th St
San Francisco, CA 94107

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June 18, 2011 at 6:24 AM