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So, OMG stands for “oh my fucking gawd this is so good.”
And HRD stands for…(“I guess I don’t really care what it stands for the food is so good.”)

Love the Asian influence on everything. Even the cheeseteak roll tastes better here. Overly ethnocentric of me? Nope.

It’s like bi-racial kids with an Asian parent are always better looking – best of both worlds I guess.
The food here is that Hapa kid.

My stomach benefited more from this cheesesteak than Marc’s. So technically, this is MY sandwich if I consumed 51%?

Marc took me on a little tour of his new offices around the corner. Lucky guy to work so close to HRD.

Kimchi Fried Rice topped with a runny Egg:

Cuz one pic isn’t enough…here’s two:

Yes, that is a thin slice of pork belly lurking on the right.

Be back tomorrow for the Fried Oyster Kimchi Rice Burrito…was suppose to order that today but just as the words were about to leave my mouth, dude with a plate of kimchi fried rice walked past me.

I’ll bring the Wonton and he and I can share the burrito around the corner in South Park.

Soooo….anytime I hear an Asian speak Spanish I feel like they’re family. So I asked the guy if they all spoke Spanish. He’s like “That guy over there does, he’s fluent, but I only speak Kitchen Spanish. Like papitas.” He he. So funny.

I feel like the kids in this picture after that meal: fat, happy, and stuffed.
That could be me on the right – reaching out for seconds.

521 #A 3rd St.

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March 3, 2012 at 5:23 AM


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like a lake of of comfort…(cheesy, i know.) is it coincidence that after watching anthony bourdain profess his love for the best bowl of northern pho on tv this morning that i received an invitation to turtle tower tonight? no. it’s fate. it’s kismet. it’s meant to be. it’s not THE best pho in the city, but it really hit the spot. the broth was sooooo mm mm beefy and the beef was so tender. it was soooo good. however, THE best bowl of pho (sigh) i had in my life (not hyperbolizing here) was when we checked our bags into the hotel and ran down the streets of hanoi for a meal in lilliputian chairs. i’ll tell you more in a future post.

northern pho is a little simpler than southern vietnamese pho. no bean sprouts, accouterments, toppings. just a squeeze of lime on the side. all the goodness is already floating in the bowl.
this bowl reminds me of the peaks in halong bay.
silky soft noodles.
have you ever seen the bottom of a pho bowl?
no, really. have you?   you will if you eat with me!
when dining in the tenderloin, it’s not a bad idea to wear flats. in these, one can look cute and walk (or run) away quickly.
p.s. these are my beloved jimmy choos. my first (and probably last) pair. that is, unless i’m willing to give up dining at nice establishments for a little bit. (which i’m not. that’s nuts.) and yes, jimmy makes flats!
…other Tenderloin-friendly footwear.
THIS PLACE IS CASH ONLY!!! (so bring your entourage…aka dolla dolla bills!)

TURTLE TOWER (Tenderloin or Little Saigon)
631 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Written by kc ley

June 18, 2011 at 6:33 AM