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Birthday celebrations are the best when there are 7 courses of heaven beef involved.  In this incredibly austere place, we shared a byzantine crazy! mad! effing awesome! mix of flavors, textures and elevating levels of joy as plate after plate was dropped on our table.  We ordered the 7-Courses Of Beef tasting menu and didn’t look back.

BTW, I also heard the saddest thing today. The server came over and said “This is your last course.”  I didn’t know those words – in that order – could make one feel so sad, so we ordered a bonus round of dessert for some glutinous cheer!

There is incredibly shaky camera work going on here cuz we had a who cares! let’s eat! attitude.

Bonus Round: This is what the fried banana and ice cream looked like before the game of Hungry Hippos began and our spoons clashed over each other. We left the restaurant unscathed and full. Happy.

655 Larkin Street

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March 29, 2012 at 10:50 PM


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I had so much fun tonight. Good food, place and company.
The servers looked so great in their plaid shirts and I loved how the menu had a lot of items in smaller sizes (not that we were petite eaters by any means). Everything on the menu said eat me! These rillettes were pretty cool:

Hey hey…here I go again, blending into the surroundings. Can you spot which is the bar menu and which is the vintage Calderon clutch?

love this place:

401 Taylor Street
Tel: 415.775.7979

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October 6, 2011 at 11:52 AM


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It’s a good day when it starts with an invitation to brunch. Having just watched the last episodes of Treme the night before and hoping to take advantage of a shorter mid-week line, we said hello to Brenda’s.

Here is my view from where I sat for twenty-minutes.

Still waiting… here is a shot of the beautiful decor.  (It’s worth the wait, though.)

It’s a thoughtfully designed restaurant (in my humble two cents in case anyone cares to know). In this small space, the chalkboard doubles as a closet, and I’m impressed with restaurants that are considerate of the complete diner experience right down to having one restroom for the ladies and a unisex one. (Sorry guys, but not really.)

What better segway to food, than by talking about restrooms? (Classy, eh?)

Following my Gumbo, toast with strawberry preserves, and several bites of an Omelet that didn’t belong to me (followed by a dirty look from the owner of said Omelet)….the Fried Chicken arrived. All is now well with the world. I love a place where you can order it by the piece, and the kitchen was thoughtful enough to include a little wetnap.

Speaking of loves….I love a place that serves (chicory) coffee the size of your head. (As in a large bottomless cup, not as in my head is small.)

The woman in blue must have ordered the Fried Chicken, too!

They were nice enough to let me try their Pickled Watermelon (rinds.)

Oh…and the amazing Bold Italic did a great feature on Brenda’s with beautiful photos and actual content written in complete sentences, and other stuff that you (or maybe I) wish was in this post. So click over and read all about it. It’s a great read and an even better looker.

652 Polk St
415. 345.8100


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the crew at AF&Co. really know how to throw a party. the host (and one of my favorite people in the world) made sure that everyone had a Svedka cocktail in hand as I made my way towards to the mini belgian waffle table.  lots of friends and super nice people there. good times.

it was at Chambers at the Phoenix Hotel. love that place. i’ll have to go back if just to lounge at the bar and tell myself over and over “be amazing.”

since it was nice poolside party (kick off to San Francisco Pride) with lots of fashionable people in the Tenderloin, i HAD to wear my mullet look. party on top and business on the bottom. silk star blazer (love  that thing), some sparkles, and then…wait for it….combat boots.

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June 18, 2011 at 6:29 AM