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I admit, I drink instant green tea. In fact, I’ll boldly admit to loving it since discovering it eight years ago. I’ve never found it again since…until now. Ha!

To reacquaint myself, this time when we were in Japan, we searched, asked, and ducked into every grocery, corner, mom and pop, and convenience store. How do you say “nada” or “big fat zero” in Japanese? Absurdly, Marc found it while grabbing some snacks from the gas station on a pit stop to the airport. He bought out the store – all two bags. What a man.

But (insert choir music)…we found them by the shelf-full at the airport gift shop(!!!!), conveniently located next to the green tea Kit Kats. (Ironically, this is where instant green tea and I met all those years ago,  a chance encounter as I was unloading leftover Yens.) Hmmmmphr! At the airport, of all places. I guess only foreigners dare to drink instant green tea.

Cuz he looks pretty dope in his panda scarf from Harajuku….here is Wonton:

Written by kc ley

May 7, 2012 at 8:52 AM