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Super excited to wake up this morning. Threw on a Canadian Tuxedo, kissed my sleeping man and Wonton good-bye, and prayed for sunny weather as I drove across the Bay Bridge. My dear friend Nancy, fried chicken and a stroll through Berkeley’s Elmwood neighborhood awaited me. Ah…friendship and fried chicken and waffles for brunch! Stoked!

Nancy’s vintage beauty:

My vintage beauty:

Nancy’s buttery egg tart:

My OMG waffles and fried chicken:

Distracted by the puffy beignets topped with homemade jam, I missed out on the grits…so next time!

Hmmm…amazing. Best, most tender and juicy chicken ever. And those waffles! Those waffles! Like…they’re like….made of air and wrapped in a buttery crust!

TheĀ icing on top brown sugar butter on top was running into Rikki, who ran the dining room. Every restaurant wishes they had someone in their orbit like her, because she exudes warmth and radiance like the sun. She’s quick with a smile and able to navigate massive hordes of hungry people with the charm and grace of the people’s queen. True hospitality! Yeah!

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